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Take Notice Mission

The mission of this project is to Take Notice (to listen, to hold space) by amplifying Black stories, experiences, and voices. Conversations on family life, finding joy, and interests of folks in our country who encounter racism on a daily basis. A portion of these discussions will be dedicated to holding space for guests who are comfortable sharing their personal experiences with racism.

Stories help us all learn and connect.

We are here to listen.

To Take Notice.

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About Take Notice

Here to Listen. To Take Notice.

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It started with a blip of an idea in January, 2019. Learning more and more about how misinformed her education was about history and current systems in place in the United States that oppress Black people, Allison Preisinger thought about how a podcast would be a great platform to hear about the experiences of her neighbors. After the idea was written up in a Google Doc it was set aside with the excuses of too little time or energy to take on the massive amount of work a podcast requires. 

Enter 2020. We all can guess what that may mean. More time plus the increased incentive of doing something to help boost the voices of Black people in our country. We need to listen. And we cannot keep doing nothing to fix our systems. 

Allison Preisinger is a musician based in the Pacific Northwest. She hopes to help facilitate connections and opportunities while continuing her lifelong journey to become a better human and anti-racist.

Take Notice is co-produced by Amanda Rae Creative:

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